The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry is a professional program that offers intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral formation in the Roman Catholic tradition with the purpose of assisting laity and religious who wish to acquire skills essential for effective ministry in the local Church. Designed for non-resident students, this program is aimed at those who have been identified by their pastors or religious superiors as persons able to serve as lay pastoral associates, parish life directors, directors of religious education, youth or young adult ministers, or adult faith formators, or in a variety of ministerial positions open to both laity and religious in Catholic parishes or other pastoral settings such as hospitals, campuses, or prisons

Objectives of the Program

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Program will achieve the following:

        1.    Intellectual competence:

                      Students understand the Roman Catholic theological tradition.

                      Students engage constructively in theological reflection pertaining to pastoral work and ministry in various parochial and pastoral settings.

        2.    Ministerial competence:

                      Students minister collaboratively and effectively in a diverse multicultural community.

                      Students communicate effectively the spiritual and intellectual traditions of the Church.

                      Students are committed to lifelong learning and ongoing ministerial formation.

        3.    Spiritual competence:

                      Students develop and integrate an authentic personal and ecclesial spiritual life.

                      Students are committed to ministry and service.