Theology and Art: A Revelation of God (ThS 590D)


Course Memo

Topics in the Doctrine of God: Theology and Art: A Revelation of God. This course is an investigation of the significance of music, literature, and the visual arts (including film) for Christian theology and spirituality. The questions to be addressed are several and center on the following areas: How does one discover a theology or spirituality in a work of art? How do the arts explore and express theological meaning both implicitly and explicitly? What does a deeper appreciation of art in all its forms offer to a fallen world? How does art indicate the presence of an incarnate redeemer? How can an experience of art deepen one’s own personal spirituality and theology? And what are our own obligations as men and women of God to share this vision with those we serve? The course includes both in-class and field work. Prerequisite: ThS 513. Fall 2010 Created: 2/26/10 ET