Parish Ministry and Marriage Cases (CL 580)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

Parish Ministry and Marriage Cases (2) This course is designed to thoroughly familiarize students with the various kinds of marriage cases encountered in parish ministry. The pastoral challenges of ministering to persons with former marriages, especially in their multicultural diversities, will also be addressed. Students will be introduced to matrimonial jurisprudence and will learn the requirements for presenting a petition for nullity of marriage. The other kinds of marriage cases, such as the Summary Trial, Pauline Privilege, Favor of the Faith, and Lack of Canonical Form will also be explained and students will learn how to present them to the Marriage Tribunal. This course will provide students with the necessary canonical knowledge and pastoral skills to effectively assist persons seeking the services of the Marriage Tribunal. Prerequisite: CL 513. Recommended: CL 543. Fall. UTD: 2/8/10 ET