Introduction to Canon Law (CL 513)


Course Memo

CL 513 Introduction to Canon Law This course is designed to familiarize students with Canon Law. It will provide an introduction to the theology and philosophy of law, the role of law in the Church, the development of Church law in its historical and cultural contexts, as well as its recent renewal. Students will learn principles of interpretation and the canonical implications of membership in the Church as laity, clergy, and religious. Students will also become familiar with Church structure, the notion of Governance in the Church, the Church's Teaching Office, the Administration of Temporal Goods, as well as Sanctions in the Church. This will provide students with an overview and appreciation of Canon Law and its pastoral applications in a multicultural Church. Spring. course created to correct my predecessor's incorrect CL_513 course code - note too that course title differs from old inactivated CL 513 course title - kg 6/19/15